Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


They called the pre-born  “blobs of tissue!”
A crass term as well as one sloppily unscientific;
Just like they called the black man . . . “property!”
It is the way of evil to deceive; pervert the truth.
Lies and euphemism are favored tools
Of those who would deceive many fools.
Best not to suck up the vomit
Of liars, low-down like a grommet.
Squeezed by the world, they got no wind;
No life to get them out of the din.
Of such Isaiah spoke a judgment
From the Lord and Ruler of all.
Said He’d bring an enemy nation
Down upon their miserable situation:
“I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians
To fight, brother against brother.”
Yes, and “city against city.”
Oh, and so He would have no pity.
Says it so in Isaiah nineteen.
Might apply to our U.S. scene.

0835 on 18 Nov. 2023

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