Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Down Side of Freedom

The down-side to “freedom” is the ability to err;
One might give any type of heresy a long stare.
(Might be Wierville’s “Way” or the “Witness” path.)
Yet, such followers may repent and get that bath,
In the name of the Father, Spirit and Son;
Where you get joy and that eternal fun
With the saints up yonder in heaven.
Don’t be a fool ensnared by the doctrines of ghouls,
Following the many gods of the Mormons,
Or some “progressive” (i.e. liberal and  apostate)
Who calls anything sound, holy or restrictive “hate.”
There is the Way, Truth, and Life, Who came down;
(Died for sinners, chosen; yeah, He saved His own).

0945 on 27 Nov., 2023

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