Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Selfish Life of “Choice”!

So you jack-ass “progressives”
Justify the Civil War
To deliver people from bondage,
But you can’t justify the bombing
Of baby-killing “abortuaries”
To save children from mortuaries,
Those graves down which they are flung
No more than some filthy dung!
For what cause may blood be shed?
Righteousness, Godliness – or selfishness?
The Southern man said to the Yankee
“Don’t like slavery? Don’t be a master!”
So the pro-aborts say, “Don’t like abortion?
Don’t have one!” like masters of contortion.
But what disgusting political rhetoricians!
Truth and Justice don’t work that way;
Not about “choice” at the end of the day.
Right is Right and wrong is Wrong
For everybody, pagan and Christian alike
Truth is Truth and justice is Justice!
Need a war to settle it? Bring it on.
Christians are regularly reckoned
To be criminals by rulers gone astray.
They harbored stolen property
When they housed the runaways
Heading North, the path to freedom
Slaves could find a new way
Our from under the bondage of tyrants
Selfishly leading a life of  “choice”
No matter the cry of the slave’s voice.

A.m. on 24 March, 2023

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