Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

God, Eternally Existing

God, eternally existing
In need of NO company!
Tough to imagine such a thing,
When we see people come and go:
Old friends, new friends,
All things changing.
But One does remain the same!
Got that family and an old house
Familiar places and people around,
And yet there comes an end to all
And we wonder what happens next.
Yet, we’ve been given the story
By the prophets and God Himself.
Jesus came down and walked among us
And confirmed the words of the prophets:
One God, content to live forever, abiding.
The Three in One, made some angels
And then humans beings in His image.
But He had some plan to manifest His love,
A way that is hard to understand.
He loved his creatures and endowed them
With souls and minds and freedom of choice
To follow the world or listen to His voice.
And then after allowing those creatures to fall
He became one of them; He died for us all!

1106 on 23 March, 2023

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