Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Difficult Dumping of Roe

Who can deny the depravity of man,
That Biblical doctrine declaring our sin nature
From the womb to the tomb abides?
It drags the race to places disgusting!
At every step to free our land of the abortion curse
We run into walls of obstruction
Arising from human corruption:
That will to serve the self and to hell with others;
Got to have our own way and follow our druthers.
The convenience and pleasure of power is served
While the lives of the weak is unnerved.
Roe v. Wade needs a way to the grave
But like drunks we can’t seem to find it.
Stumbling around for some legal mechanism
When all it takes is a will to do justice
Blow up the clinics and disarm the killers
And to the rescuers you can build some pillars.
But get the job done for Goodness’ sake!
The result is worth the trouble you make.

18 June, 2022

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