Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Roe Foolishness Recounted

Don’t have poem in mind to write;
Not much happening I need to right.
Might as well sing a song or take a walk;
Not one to myself who likes to talk.
Got to be productive one way or another;
Can’t sit around and look for a “druther.”
Gonna go with the flow as it comes,
Whether in silence or to the beat of the drums.
The Lord has his things for me to do;
My job is to listen up and come to.
But time goes on in this day and I pray.
Soon I will have something useful to say.
Think of those rogue Roe creeps,
Who issued that deadly decree
Supposing they were setting women free!
What pompous asses were they!
Well, they found some fools by the end the day,
Plenty of idiots who jumped on the wagon:
“We like this talk about choice and a voice!
Surely we, poor women, got to be free
To abort our babies as well as to pee!”
So they wrote a stupid “opinion” with glee.
But no one was blessed but demons and the devil.
Taking people way down to that lower level.

1240 on 28 June, 2022

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