Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Fathers’ Rights Society (CACN Spr 1997)

In this issue no. 24 we apologize for the hiatus between publications. We were busy and declared such. “The month of May heralds that birth of our seventh daughter as well as the sixteenth birthday of our firstborn,” we explained.

The lead essay was a parody – of sorts – recounting the story of Samson and his acquisition of foreskins from Moloch-worshipping, child-sacrificing Philistines.  Biblical principles of retribution at the hands of nearest-of-kin, the “blood-avenger,” were probed and application was made to modern times where retribution is supposed to be had through the medium of higher courts. Those courts failing, musings about the establishment of “Fathers’ Rights Society” in mockery/mimicry of “Women’s Rights” – translated into the “right to kill babies” – are proposed for the amusement of the reader.   Father’s have a right to protect their children and, moreover, a right according to God’s instructions to Moses to wreak retribution upon the murderer of their next of kin . . .

“Radical Fringe” news is included on pages 2-4, 9, 10.  A hot time it was, then, when action was taken to save the innocents.  We offer “justifiable homicide” musings prompted by our ongoing campaign to promote the legal argument in support of Paul Hill’s termination of abortionists three years prior. We aver Hill to have been a “provider of dead abortionists” in our incessant mockery of the term abortion advocates apply to baby killers, viz., “abortion provider.”

We note obscene  ironies, such as the release of the Vampire Rapist (murderer) after ten years, sentenced in the same city where Paul Hill was tried (p. 3).

We mock Al Gore’s addressing of a “band of viragos at a NARAL meeting in Fed City” (p. 4).  Then, we move to more exalted joy in reporting upon the rescue work (abortuary destruction) wrought by John Yankowski (California) and James Mitchell (Virginia).  Good news from sea to shining sea.

Pete Howard avoided exorbitant explosive and fire-arms charges by damaging an abortuary in Bakersfield, California with his truck (p. 5).

John Salvi, convicted Massachusetts abortionist terminator, having died (or been killed) in jail, had his charges dismissed because his death occurred before his appeal was heard.  Abortion fans, including Gov. Weld were outraged (p. 9)

Robert Alleva (age 15), from Bixby, Oklahoma, became the youngest forceful rescuer of womb children to be arrested.

James Mitchel of Nokesville, Virginia, is charged with burning an abortuary in Falls Church (p. 10)

17,000 bombings and arsons are reported against abortuaries in American since 1977, according to the Washington Post.  Heartening news.

Marjorie Reed concluded eight years of imprisonment for damaging an abortuary in Ohio (p. 11).

The government’s abuse of Linda Wolfe is reported: “She is probably the premiere encourager of prisoners through her relentless letter writing” (p. 10).

In “Notes” we report on Hillary Clinton.  She advises postponing fornication at least until age 21 and even then, “don’t tell me about it.”  (p. 8)

Christianity Today (astray?) magazine editor, David Neff is rebuked for his rebuke of a First Things article (11 Nov., 1996), in which Colson and Judge Robert Bork opine upon the legitimacy of the U.S. government (p. 7).

In a “Sod report,” also under “Notes,” we report that “D.C. and nine states have recently passed laws or other rules that extend the same job protection to sodomites that has been extended to others on the basis of age, race, religion or sex.  Accordingly, one cannot fire Aztecs, necrophiliacs, termagants, dypsomaniacs, queans, anti-sacrophagics, those who lie with beasts, or just plain old faggots” (p. 7)

Another “Notes” report features Fr. Robert Pearson and Joan Andrews Bell, arrested along with a dozen others for blockading an abortuary in Englewood, NJ on several occasions in 1996 and 1997. Both had previously attended White Rose Banquets and held to a consistent “prolife ethic” by which they could not denounce the use of force to defend the innocents (pp. 7,8).

Anita Bryant, beauty queen and Florida Orange Juice lady, is commended for her campaign against sodomy (“Notes”, p. 7).  She lost it all – in terms of her career.  But . . . she has a reward elsewhere.

A  cartoon by Grayson features a protester with a sign attached to a rifle.  The caption reads, “A new protester comes to town named Michael Shannon  Hill” (p. 12).

Pictures include:

1. Damaged Planned Parenthood in Spokane with a caption: “Boarded windows, yellow tape (“FIRE LINE DO NOT CROSS”), debris: ‘The way things ought to be.'” (p. 3)

2. Group of four children, four adults and two infants.  Captions reads: Norfolk on Ash Wednesday after sentencing.  Jennifer Sperle with husband David, four children and father with activist Joan Andrews and her two children.” (p. 5)

3. White Rose Banquet attendants in lobby of the Sheraton Inn in Virginia, D.C. vicinity.   “Ragin’ Regina [Dinwiddie] leads anti-abortion war songs as MTP Jim Kenchum waits smiling . . .” (p. 6)

4. Linda Wolfe and Cheryl Richardson are featured.  Richardson had missed the first WRB while imprisoned for maintaining silence before a grand jury witch hunt in Alexandria.   Thankful for her release and attendance at WRB, we offered a special on her behalf, as she was single at the time: “Special: for a mere 10 philistine foreskins from any suitor, we shall pass on high recommendations to this most excellent among eligible women.  She is making her own decision; hence, the low payment” (p. 9).

CACN Spr 1997

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