Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Presidential Election Anno 2000 (CACN Sum 1996)

In the lead article, we lament the presidency of Clinton and scorn the voters who put the disgraceful pro-abort adulterer in power.  We cite the perspicacious Joseph Sobran in his castigation of American submission to perverse laws and evil rulers:

Most of the human race, alas, will go along with anything that is legal.  There has never been a tyrant so bloody thathe couldn’t find plenty of hired help to administer his program.   Most of the people who work for the U.S. government would work for any government.  If they had been born into Aztec Mexico or ancient Rome, they would have gone cheerfully to the human sacrifices, or to see Christians thrown to lions.

 In “Radical Fringe” news (pp. 2, 3, 4, 5, 11), we report on decedent Life Advocate editor Paul DeParrie and the charges brought against him for “stalking” abortionists.   One of many examples of court-terrorism waged by pro-aborts against anti-abortion activists.

We lament Bill Buckley’s failure to support Buchanan’s presidential campaign and report on the dangers that Norplant abortifacients posed to women’s health.  More than 50,000 women in about 200 class action suits were seeking damages.

David Lane, abortuary assailant, got 18 years!  The abortuary-favoring courts were going crazy punishing the defenders of the innocents (p. 4). Picture on page 9.

Short reports on Abortionist Bruce Lucero; baby-defender Jennifer Sperle; National Coalition of Abortion Providers (“providers”???) honors  one of the Supremes – Justice Blackmun for his friendship with abortionistsl; the demise of abortionist-pilot Thomas Mullin who flew his plane into the ground at the Dayton, Ohio airport; Shelley Shannon’s daughter, Angela, faces 20 years for sending a threatening letter to an abortuary (p. 5).  Hmm.

Picture of Kitty Koons of Kansas City, Donald Burdick of Bowie, Maryland, Jayne Bray, and other shadowy figures holding “Free Paul Signs” among others outside the Florida Supreme Court on 31 May, 1996 (p. 6).

Picture of other “Army of God auxiliaries” in Florida for Paul Hill hearing (p. 3).

Picture of  Jennifer Sperle, Jack and Cathy Humphries, Dave Henderson and editor (p. 5).


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