Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Buchanan: Disestablishing Statism (CACN Spr 1996)

In the lead article of this 12-page newsletter we opine over the fact that the political process necessarily involves compromise.

“Radical Fringe”  news is abundant (pp. 2 -6, 11).  Marjorie Reed’s 15 December release date is noted. News on Don Benny Anderson, jailed in 1982 and sentenced to 30 years for kidnapping a pair of abortionists in Illinois  and burning a few abortuaries in Florida is updated.

Update also on rats and the grand jury investigation into “violence against abortion providers” is provided (pp. 4,5).

John Salvi, rescuer of babies in Massachusetts by means of lethal force (c. 1995), who later died (?) in prison, is updated (p. 6).

Local “prolife” group leaders write a letter to Spitz (defender of Salvi) telling him he is not welcome in their state.  (Pure pro-lifers, don’t you know.)

Two abortionists wounded in Canada within a year – “the other Toronto blessing” (p. 6).

Report upon first annual White Rose Banquet (pp. 8-10).  Six banquets were held annually in the D.C. area cotemporaneous with the March for Life from 1996 to 2001.  They served to honor prisoners locked away for attempting the rescue of innocents.   White Rose calendars were also produced, marking the dates of abortuary demolitions and the such dates of interest as the birthdays of prisoners, etc. (P. 8)

A picture of four persons summoned before the grand jury in Alexandria serving the Clinton-Reno effort to suppress anti-abortion activism is provided along with reports on the grand jury inquisition (p. 5).

CACN Spring 1996

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