Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Purity, Compromise and Politics (CACN Winter 1995)

Dr. Michael Colvin provides the lead article on the necessity of political compromise as distinguished from sound ethical judgments.  One can certainly choose of the better of two bad candidates.  But one must not surrender the truth by which one evaluates them.  The application of such wisdom was the rejection of Randall Terry in favor of viable candidates for political office.   Indeed, there is a responsibility to be a good steward of one’s vote.  He notes that this same candidate, a prominent anti-abortion activist, could not see his way clear to declare sound ethical opinions on the issue of using force to save babies and defend such defenders as Paul Hill.  How, then, was he to be found superior to any other candidate who might well make political compromises?

“Radical Fringe” news on pages 3 through 6 includes updates on abortuary incinerator Curt Beseda;  abortuary attacker, Joshua Graff; incognito abortuary attacker in St. Petersburg; the jailing of David Lane and John Arena; the harassing Henry Felisone in Tennessee;  warnings about “rats” who testify against defenders of innocents; a report on Robert Cook of Wisconsin jailed in Chicago for plotting to terminate abortionists; updates on prisoners Shelley Shannon and Paul Hill; and criticism of William Buckley.

On page 8, among many “Notes of Interest” (pp. 7-10), we quote the Pope regarding his defense for waging war against the Bosnian Serbs and then conclude with this: “Would that the Pope had spoken consistently and approved the defensive action taken in behalf of the defenseless domiciles of the womb.”

Also among the many “Notes” is a commendation of NJ Superior Court Judge Patrick J. McCann who upheld the decision (back then) of the Boy Scouts to exclude sodomites (p. 8).

CACN Win 1995 (12-page issue of Capitol Area Christian News)

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