Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

CACN Fall, 1995 (Issue no. 19)

Capitol Area Christian News

 Re: Issue  no. 19 (Fall quarter, 1995) and future editions of  the quarterly   

21 October, 1995

Dear Blessed Subscriber,

We ask your pardon for  the leanness of this fall issue.  Hard times have befallen us.  Reformation Lutheran Church,  which has subsidized the publishing of  Capitol Area Christian News, is unable to continue to do so at this time.  Nor does it appear that worldly riches await us in the immediate future to enable resumption of support.  Since the spring of  1991  we  have reported on Christian action in the Capitol area.  And with alacrity and thanksgiving we have brought you national news which  few other “prolife” publications will even mention.  We speak fondly the names of  Shelley, Paul, Marjorie, Curt,  and a growing host of others.  Our  “Radical Fringe” section has been the bane of abortion lovers,  a scandal to the establishment prolife movement,  and the dread of  the  Reno Justice Department.  Yes, the good news in the pages of CACN has been life to many prisoners of Christ and to activists who enjoy reading the unadulterated truth seasoned with meet and salutary mockery of the wicked.

Alas, instead of the usual pithy 12-page newsletter adorned with priceless photos and infused with the salt of satire, you hold in your hands a common beg letter.

(Yes, we  have abased ourselves herewith for the sake of your edification and the advancement of  truth.  We beg  you, therefore, to give ear to our need and heed our begging.)

First, let us remind you of our humble  mode of operation.  Our church  has undergone numerical recession in recent months leaving a population of about forty people – mostly children.  Your editor-in- chief earns his living from pastoring Reformation Lutheran Church  and  teaching middle school children. No profits are earned from this publication.  All labor is donated beyond the expenses of printing, layout, and postage.  These expenses have been covered by subscriptions and  RLC. 

Second.  We know that many of you abide in a state of near penury and we suppose that some wander as vagabonds from town to down sniffing out abortuaries to abuse.  We do not wish to diminish your ministries in the slightest!  Far be in from us to undermine the great works of God.  Keep your money and  press on.  And we imagine that there are others who give tithes and offerings to these saints.  Others use their  extra mammon to support various missionaries to the preborn (or even the eponymous Milwaukee MTP), Rescue America, or ACLA activist groups.   Some of you support AFLM’s flagship magazine, Life Advocate.  We would not want our request to compromise your support of  these folks  in the least!

Bearing these matters in mind,  here is the deal.  We need $750 per quarter to put out this publication.   (Should we receive more that this we will happily put more money into trial offers and expand our readership.  We do not waste money sending  CACN to a “mailing list” of people who don’t subscribe for a measly five bucks;  we send it regularly to subscribers only.)  We need regular support until a sufficient number of  subscriptions are secured.    

If you want to see the publication continue to be produced with all of its satire and charm please consider giving us some special support.  If  you choose to support us regularly you may call us to keep updated on the financial situation.

One easy means of support is the phone thing.  (By now you have received dozens of pleas regarding long distance telephone services and the ensuing support for such and such organization which comes by switching services.)  We have been doing the same since 1992 with Coast International Inc.   And we have been pleased with their service  and their discounts! You can help us by filling out and dropping the enclosed form in the mail.  Simple.  If you run a business or make lots of long distance day-time calls,  give us a call;  we can get you 14 cents per minute.

As you will see advertised in Life Advocate, Prayer and Action News and other publications,  we are hosting a White Rose Banquet in D.C. on 21 January in honor of prisoners and their families.  (See the enclosed flier for details.)  We look forward to seeing you there!

Recall the recent shameful treatment of the saints of God at the hands of evangelical pundits.  Cal Thomas called the termination of Abortionist Gunn “tragic and wrong.”  Chuck Colson called it a “horrid, senseless act, immediately condemned by  responsible prolife leaders.”  Likewise the U.S. Catholic Conference said, “The violence of killing in the name of  pro-life makes a mockery of the pro-life cause.”

And with an ear toward using terminology more acceptable to our abortion culture  Southern Baptist Professor of Divinity Fisher Humphreys writes, “Let us stop calling abortion ‘murder.’  Instead, let us call it cruel and sinful.”  The good professor refers to baby killers by the latest PC term – “abortion providers” – as he warns others about their choice of terms: “There is a link between the language of ‘murder’ used by the movement and the violence which some extremists are now practicing” (See the Sept./Oct. issue of  the SBC newsletter Light). 

Ex-OR leader Randall Terry called the termination of Abortionist Gunn “an inappropriate and repulsive act.”  And on and on has come a profusion of denunciations of God’s holy ones who have lifted an effective hand in defense of  His innocents.

At the banquet we will celebrate jailed defenders of children in the womb.  We will honor as heroes those who have sacrificed their lives and their freedom.  We will recognize those who have been scorned by Christian leaders and establishment prolife leaders.

As we continue to declare the truth and seek justice for the child in the womb, let us not neglect our  brothers and sisters in prison.  Those who name the name of  Christ – our own brothers and sisters in Him – suffer unjustly.  Yes,  they do so willingly for righteousness’ sake.  But we are not obliged to sit silently by.  We must advocate for their freedom – parole, pardon, clemency, etc. 

Let us come together and celebrate these defenders of  the innocents.  And let us begin to speak out to the authorities for their release. 

Justice, then  Peace,

 Michael  Bray

p.s.  Please donate  used  copies of what the feds call the “Army of God Manual.”    The Reno Justice Department  has  been  hoarding this commodity and the market value has been driven up as a result.  We hope to resell to support the newsletter.  Oh the providence of  God!                     


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