Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Grand Jury in Alexandria (CACN Sum 1995)

The lead article of the 12-page issue reports on the Grand Jury conducted by Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno whom we have dubbed, “Nero” in most reporting on her persecution of anti-abortion Christians.  Danny Bramwell (Massachusetts), Cheryl Richardson (Bowie, and jailed for refusing to answer questions)  and Al Morley (Denver).  Bramwell was an activist who enjoyed reading CACN.  Al is a friend of Bray’s dating from their team efforts to evangelize cultists in Denver where Bray graduated from Denver Seminary where he lived for six years and met and married Jayne.  We delighted in reporting on the secret grand jury because we despised their alliance with the abortion holocaust perpetrators.

In “Radical Fringe” news (p. 4) we mock Eleanor Smeal who calls for a courage among baby killers and their fans in a time when a few had been terminated by the likes of Griffin, Hill, and Shannon (See Ms magazine, May/June 1995, p. 65).

We also report on prisoners Marjorie Reed, Shelley Shannon, David Lane and John Salvi. Only Shelley remains immured at the date of this posting (January, 2015).

We reported on the media coverage of the subject of forceful rescue of womb children (p. 5,6).  We cite impressive coverage of our “justifiable homicide” position and note the great dearth of intelligent opposition to our position.  “We think we know why.  They cannot refute the truth . . . and haven’t the courage to embrace it.”

Mark Crutcher (Life Dynamics) produced a pamphlet, Bottom Feeder, which denigrated practitioners of abortion.  We cited in this issue one of his the jokes included: “Q: What would you do if you found yourself in a room with Hitler, Mussolini and and abortionist, and you had a gun with only two bullets?”

And the answer – which surely must have enraged all the hard-core abortion fans was this:  “A: Shoot the abortionist twice.”

No.  For the abortion fans of the U.S., this kind of published humor was just intolerable. So opined one medical student in the New York Times back in 1993. [http://www.nytimes.com/1993/04/07/opinion/l-abortion-harassment-stalks-medical-school-750993.html]  Indeed, USA Today published the joke right after the termination of Gunn and blamed Crutcher!

Can’t find Crutcher’s cartoons anywhere.  Must have been suppressed.

Cheryl later became a member of Reformation Lutheran following her imprisonment for refusing to answer particular questions.  Her previous church did not provide the appropriate support for a late 20th century America martyr.

CACN Sum 1995

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