Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Cults and Conspirators (CACN Sept 1994)

Back to a 12-page issue, the lead article, it features a picture of Paul Hill, handcuffed, as he was arrested a few months prior to his aborting of Abortionist Britton.  He was arrested by a cop hired by the abortionist.  The cause was yelling loud enough that the “clients” inside were disturbed by his pleading for the child’s life.

We are reporting two months after the termination procedure so at the time this issue is published we had already spent much time in interviews defending Paul Hill as we had Griffin and others.  This article takes to task the large crowd of anti-abortionists who condemned Hill et al.  It notes:

In mid August, CNN took a poll of the general public regarding attitudes toward the use of force to stop abortion.  3 % supported its lethal use, i.e. the doctrine of justifiable homicide in defense of the preborn.  That means seven million Americans approve of the use of lethal action against abortionists – and this with virtually no discussion in the nation’s churches or public forums.   This means that seven million could conscientiously sign the very Defensive Action statement which has aroused Attorney General Nero to track down and interrogate each of the couple dozen signatories!

To their shame and the retardation of Truth’s advancement, Christian columnists, pundits, and leaders have condemned Paul Hill.  What if these erring leaders would repent, honestly consider the issue, and then gird up their loins and speak the truth?

Shelley Shannon tries her hand at illustrations (p. 2) with a few crude pictures.  One is a cemetery and an abortionist with the heading: “Choice #1” accompanied by the words “One live abortionist and thousands of dead babies in a land that’s polluted by innocent blood shed” is followed by an “or.”

“Choice #2”: “One dead abortionist and many live children and a land cleansed of the innocent blood shed (Numbers 35:33).  Illustration: a swing set with children.

Our caption reads: “One of many cartoons by Shelley Shannon as she undergoes ‘rehabilitation.'”

On page 4 is an advertisement for Bray’s newly published A Time to Kill.

Matt Trewhella was featured in a cartoon published by the Milwaukee Sentinel mocking him for being a pastor who believes in packing firearms (p. 5).

Butyric acid used to close abortuaries in Long Island and Syracuse is reported (p. 6)

Christianity Today‘s is taken to task for its reluctant praise of Randall Terry as an extremist comparable to John Brown.   Humph! we say!  Terry does not fit that bill.  He is as the abolitionist. It is the abortuary bombers and abortionist terminators who are to be compared to Brown!  Obviously! (p. 7).

Also on page 7 is a picture of Fr. Trosch and Bray shaking hands “on yet another conspiracy.”

And in perpetual disdain for pro-abort adulterer Bill Clinton, we offered I believe Paula Jones” bumper stickers (p. 8).

CACN Sept 1994


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