Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tyrannoliberalis Sex (CACN June 1994)

The four-page June, 1994 issue of Capitol Area Christian News featured a lead article on a distinction between autocracy and tyranny.  The former, if a benevolent monarchy as Machiavelli’s Prince, is to be preferred over a Godless, federal-court-dominated “democracy.”

“National News for the Radical Fringe” (p. 3) featured a poem which was subsequently brought to the court to enhance demonization of Bray in the effort to take his home and possessions following the PP v. ACLA suit.  Enjoy it.  To the tune of Paul Simon’s hit tune, we give you, “Fifty Ways to Save a Baby.”

The joy of closed abortuaries from butyric acid treatment in New York was reported with glee.

CACN June 1994

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