Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Pensacola Report (CACN Mar 1994)

The front page features a picture of Revs. Paul Hill, David Trosch, and Michael Bray with the caption declaring: “Presbyterian, Catholic, and Lutheran ecumenism at its best.”  The lead article reported upon the trial of Michael Griffin, who gunned down Abortionist David Gunn.  Page 2 featured a picture of at least five SWAT men arresting a bi-stander (in favor of Griffin), Jacob Miller, on old trespass charge.

Other news (p. 2) reports on Pearl Jam (rock band), recruited by NOWist Eleanor Smeal, to perform a “Rock for Choice” concert in Pensacola to keep pro-abort spirits up during such a boat rocker as was the termination of Gunn.

Abortionist attack on activist David Crane in Virginia is reported.  The hypocrisy of the courts is manifested as the abortionist is excused (p. 4)

Plenty of National “Radical Fringe” news on pages 5 and 8.

Another picture of a “Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity” poster is featured on p. 7 (One was also featured in the CACN September, 1993 issue).  The lawsuit against Bray and others in PP v. ACLA complaining about the circulation of those posters was filed within a few months of this publication.

Bumper stickers for sale included “No Special Rights for Sodomites” and “Execute Murderers/Abortionists.”

Newsweek (28 Feb., 1994) reference to CACN is noted on page 6 as follows: “Reporting on the Griffin trial, the magazine referred to the ‘anti-abortion underground’ as a ‘world in which newsletter writers ponder whether it would have been better to stone Gunn to death.’  Reference was made specifically to CACN. . .”

A wonderful ad for our Christian school is found on page 11: “Tenth Graders.  Room for three more in a class of only eight (8) tenth graders. . . Avoid having your child get shot in a godless government (a.k.a. “public”) school and secure a good education at the same time . . . The school is open to the public: ‘yellow, black, and white’ and recovering homosexuals, repentant drunkards, ex-fornicators, as well as regular kids. . .”


CACN Mar 1994


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