Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

CACN Dec 1993

It is a sparse (4-page) issue pleading support for Life Advocate Magazine and announcing the decision of Andrew Burnett to produce A Time to Kill.  We also note the tenth anniversary of Reformation Lutheran Church, pastured by Michael Bray, M.A. (New Testament) and Michael Colvin., Ph.D. (classical studies).   The church, in this issue, is reported to have 10 couples and some singles composing its membership and it is also credited as the provider of the time for the editor to produce the publication.

Paul Hill is reported upon along with his labors with his Defensive Action campaign in Florida on behalf of Michael Griffin.  The deeds of Joshua Graff and Alan Morley (damaging abortuaries in Houston and Denver respectively – neither conspiring with the other) are reported.

CACN Dec 1993

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