Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Testing the Anti-Blockade Law in Maryland (CACN Sept 1993)

The article begins as follows: “On July 31 John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe (Prolife Maryland) gathered some Christians together at Gohari’s aborturary (a.k.a Metropolitan Women’s Center, or something like that) in Greenbelt.  Approaching the familiar scene of ‘borts and prolifers arrayed opposite one another was Deborah Drapkin.  Her intention was to enter the abortuary as if to procure services and discover what kind of treatment one gets inside.  Her story follows”

Another article (p. 2) reports on Shelley Shannon and her “pro-life” detractors. Shelley want to prison the month before for terminating an unwanted abortionist and so remains to this day.  Why do anti-abortionists get either swiftly executed (Paul Hill) or jailed forever in contrast to regular criminals?

Regular “radical fringe” news is found on pages 5 and 6. Efforts of Fr. Trosch to arouse support for Paul Hill are opposed by his superiors. Michael Fix (abortuary incinerator from May of that year) is given honorable mention.  Abortuary damage in Milwaukee, home of famed anti-abort Matt Trewhella, is reported.

Boise, Idaho news includes a quote from USA Today: “an arson fire extensively damaged an abortion clinic that has been the target of protests and threats.”  Comments from CACN: “Who would do such a thing?  An angry father who lost a child in the chamber?  A grandfather?   Oh that parents would protect their children!”

A “NOT WANTED IN OUR COMMUNITY” poster is featured on page 10 with a picture of Abortionist Abraham Anderson.  On the basis of such posters Planned Parenthood  of Washington (State! Bray was last there as a second-grader in 1959) sued Michael Bray and a dozen other anti-abortion activists, calling such posters a threat.  We noted in that issue that the flier had been circulated by OR Virginia and that the abortionist had decided to quit killing babies.

Bray was cited in the lawsuit (which resulted in his being found liable for a million dollars; the total for all defendants was $8 million).  Bray neither produced nor circulated the (normally legitimate, free speech-protected) posters; his involvement with the dozen committers of threats (so adjudged by some judge in Oregon!) was noted in the suit to be nothing but this: attending an anti-abortion rally in D.C. and making his book, A Time to Kill, available for sale there!  That’s it!

CACN Sept 1993

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