Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Report from Pensacola II (CACN Wint 1994)

The “II” refers to the second trial in Pensacola of an abortionist terminator.  Paul Hill had been the major support of Michael Griffin when the latter was tried.  Now Hill took Griffin’s place as a notorious defendant, charged with “murdering” two abortionists.  We take to task Hill’s detractors; in particular, we consider the asinine judgments of Joe Maxwell of would-be-Christian-light-bearer World magazine (p. 1).

We make the proper comparison between Hill and slave rescuer, John Brown, and we conclude as did Thoreau:

Paul Hill has acted honorably and sacrificially.  He has willingly laid down his life for the sake of others.  Let us do ourselves the honor to recognize him. He needs none of our respect (p. 2).

A “FREE PAUL HILL” bumper sticker is advertised (p. 2).

We report on Jack Humphries and his summons to the grand jury in Virginia. Others so summoned at several hearings include Andrew Burnett and his AFLM staff; prisoners Shelley Shannon and Marjorie Reed; John Burt and Don Treshman.

The work of Dave Crane in Norfolk yielded the decision of  Abortionist Michael Gertelschmid to cease from killing babies (pp. 2,3)

Virginia Governor Allen is praised for his radio broadcast in which he affirmed the age-old truth: sodomy is “unnatural.”  And he affirmed that “society ought not to condone homosexual relationships.”  Yes, that was a governor of a state in our Union in 1994. And in his radio speech, he reminded his audience that such was still the law in Virginia.  Sodomy is illegal (p. 3)

ACLU wants Ten Commandments from Montgomery County court buildings.  We say, what shall we put in place of them?  “Covet thy neighbor’s wife if it feeleth good”?  “Enjoy sex with the animal of thy choice all the days of thy life”?  (p. 3)

In “Radical Fringe” news:

We report upon two NOWists – a co-president and a treasure of the Escambia County branch – who plan to evacuate the Pensacola area.  They feel unwanted living in the Pensacola area where abortionists were recently terminated, a la Griffin and Hill (p. 4).

We update Janet Reno’s pursuit of “conspirators” who are undermining “abortion rights,” particularly the inquisition of John Burt (p. 4).  The focal point of the inquiry was the circulation of copies of a book, When it Hurts We Can Help . . . The Army of God.  Who has this nasty book?  That was the focal point of the grand jury hearings.  So we provide a book report on the hotly sought after, so-called “Army of God manual” (pp. 4, 5).

A report on Karen Hill’s wellbeing reveals that she was denied phone communication with her husband Paul once he was sent to death row.  Not  allowed. A letter from Karen to Judge Bell is included (pp. 5,6).

An excellent radio interview of Roy McMillan and Regina Dinwiddie, JH apologists, opposite some Canadian pro-aborts was conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Company.  The lying pro-abort guest declared that in the wake of an abortionist shootings in the U.S., the results are 1) increase in abortions, and 2) more doctors are signing up to be abortionists.

Roy replied: “Well, now, if you’re increasing your supply of abortionists whenever one is shot dead, you ought to shoot them yourselves.”

Our report continues:

Regina is a feisty thing in her own right, but she may have been inspired by Roy when she chimed in and offered her counsel: “When you hire new ones, keep ’em fat and slow, so they’ll be easy to shoot” (p. 7).

John Brockhoeft’s impending exit from prison is announced.  The total number of years in prison yielded by all American anti-abortionists sentenced for saving babies was estimated to about three hundred “in the face of how many aggregate years of human life lost in all abortions? (p. 7)

Various bombings and butyric acid attacks are reported upon from across the land (p. 7)

Momentary kudos to columnist William Raspberry who “joins the radical fringe” (p. 7)

CNN poll! More supporters of JH than there are sodomites in America! (p. 9)

Tough times for Christian ATF and FBI agents to labor under Janet Waco Reno.  What is a good Christian to do? (p. 10)


1. Friends of Paul Hill at trial: Felisone, Cabot, Trosch, and Spitz (p. 1)

2. “Modernized Creche” in New York (p. 3)

3. Fr. Trosch and Rev. Paul Hill during Griffin trial (p. 6)

4. Clinton featured on a “three dollar” bill (p. 11)

CACN Wint 1994

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