Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Juvenile Sales: “Neutral” on Abortion (CACN Sep 1991)

In support of the efforts of Christians to reach women as they enter an abortuary in Annapolis, we reported upon our interaction with the property owner as well as another nearby businesses and their cooperation with the abortion “business.”  Among those owners whose names will be known in places other than heaven were John Wagner, Alan English,  and Robert E. Mason.   On the other side (in glory), names include theses Christian witnesses: Dick Maio, Joseph Bray,  Ed Sparrow, John and Miriam Laderman (pp. 1, 2)

Sam Fatzinger, mother of a dozen (in due time), then a mother of two, was featured in a story about her service as a witness (a.k.a “picketer”) and as a rescuer (a.k.a. blockader) at the site of abortuaries,  and as a volunteer at the Bowie Crisis Pregnancy Center.  A true Poverbs 31 Woman (pp. 2, 3)!

Mike King, a man distinguished as both black and catholic among anti-abortionists in the region, is featured in connection with a report on an upcoming Life Chain (pp. 3, 4)

“Notes of Interest” include a report on the perverse and political application of an “anti-KKK statue” (1871) to advocates for womb children.  Yes, the ‘borts and the federal government have, indeed,  persecuted those who have stood for the defenseless (p. 7).

Also among the “Notes” is a report on an intervention at Abortionist Roderick Jones’s D.C. abortuary, known as Hillcrest Women’s . . . (p. 7).

Rev. Dr. Michael Colvin reports on a lawsuit filed by the un-American “People for the American Way”.  They suit was nothing but a pro-abort effort to further pervert the law and thereby shut down crisis pregnancy centers (pp. 4, 9, 10).

We reprint the poem by Jeff Ostrander, “This Obscene Silence.”  Just as relevant today as it was two dozen years ago (p. 9).

Actors in the Kingdom, Not Clappers in the Audience by Michael Bray, a collection of essays written in prison (1985-1989) is advertised (p. 11).


1. Juvenile Sales, Sam Fatzinger (p. 2)

2. Mike King (p. 3)

3. Mike King and family (p. 4)

4. Kip Gannett, Tom Grenschik (p. 4)

5. Abortionist Roderick Jones  and Life Chain in Baltimore (p. 7)

6. Life Chain and gathering of Christians at Hillview abortuary (p. 10)

7. Pamela Palumbo speaking at rally at Annapolis state house (p. 11)

8. Excellent cartoon on arrest of abortionists (p. 12)


CACN Sep 1991

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