Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Resisting the Tyrant Federal Judiciary (CACN, Wint 1999)

In this issue no. 30 (Winter, 1999), as the title indicates, we are well put out by the Court which, after five years of litigation, has determined that our speech threatens those who feel threatened – abortionists, the shooting of whom we cannot in good conscience condemn.  In this report we explain to the readers that Bray scheduled to undergo “post-judgment depositions” on  Pearl Harbor Day (that is December 7, for the ill-educated).  He was required to submit to such inquisition following the filing of a lawsuit by Planned Barrenhood.   (Yes, if you want to get someone under the foot of the government, but he hasn’t committed a crime, you sue him and thereby get the right to compel him to give you information that can be used against him.  No Fifth Amendment right.  That Amendment only applies in criminal, not civil proceedings.)

CACN Wint 1999

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