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60 Minutes and Lutherans (CACN Spr 1999)

Posted on 12 February, 2015

The following is a summary of the Capitol Area Christian News, published in the Spring of 1999.  The complete copy is available for download at link at the end of this page.

The feature article report on “The Minister’s Blessing,” the lead 60 Minutes story with Dan Rather aired on 14 April, 1999.   Rather’s story included a visit to our Sunday church service and a visit with a local apostate Lutheran church pastor, Richard Dowhower (ELCA).  We reported upon the spiritual/theological condition of the major Lutheran (and all the main line denominational) churches in contrast to those churches and associations of the same which have upheld the historic and orthodox view of the authority of the Scriptures.  Finally, we recount the origins of Reformation Lutheran Church, which was pastured by Michael Bray and Michael Colvin from 1984 until the Summer of 2003 (pp. 1-3).

In “Radical Fringe” news . . .

We offer sound biblical arguments for moderating our joy in the death of the wicked (abortionists, in this context).  You read it right.  We are not to be too happy when the wicked are dispatched (p. 3).

We report on one Eric Schaff, the would-be-benevolent abortionist, who continues to be in the news over the decades.  (see 2013 report here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/planned-parenthood-with-history-of-botched-abortion-wants-to-teach-medical ) (pp. 3, 4).

We remember Don Benny Anderson, in prison, at that time since 1982 – 17 years.  He was released September 11, 2007.  That is 25 years plus the probation until death do him part (p. 4).

With great levity and joy, we muse over incongruous propositions, viz. the spiritual “gift of plundering” (p. 4).

We then take up the subject of Robert E. Cook, sentenced to 176 months for . . . ? Well, it is hard so say.  Robbing an armored truck and threatening an abortuary (pp. 4, 5)?

Another example of baptizing criminal activity was displayed in bank robbers Ratigan, Merrell, Barbee, and Berry, who used their loot to bomb a Planned Parenthood abortuary (p. 5).

Lovely reports on abortionist shortages following all the unfriendly-to-abortionist activities cropping up around the country (p. 5).

Report from Pennsylvania on Douglas Mahady indicted for making a bomb threat against an abortuary in York (p. 6).

Louis Powell went to hell, perhaps, according to a report in the local Petersburg, Virginia paper.  Powell was one of those Justices who cast a vote for Roe v. Wade.

Fr. Pavone‘s denunciation of those who use force to save babies is denounced (pp. 6, 7).

James Dobson shames himself by allowing Jeff Hooten to denigrate Paul Hill in his Citizen magazine. Hooten made no effort to make a fair inquiry into the person and character of Paul Hill (p. 7).

Robert Keith Hill dies  in an attempt to blow up an abortuary in Lubbock, Texas (pp. 7, 10).

Canadian, Ronald Wylie, is arrested for sending fake bomb packages to abortuaries.  Excellent psychological warfare.  We evaluate the usual criticism (pp. 10,11).

In “Notes” . . .

We express condolences with the families of those whose 13 students were aborted in Colorado (p. 8)

U.S. Foreign Policy, which supports Muslim factions when they are at odds with Christian, is brought into question: the Balkans, Africa, Indonesia.  We mention Fort Hood and a report in the Washington Times (13 May, 1999) which noted that “More than 40 witches, male and female, celebrated the rite of Spring at Fort Hood on March 20.”

Well, wonder what made that pious Muslim indignant enough to go on a killing rampage ten years later on November 5, 2009.   Polytheistic paganism was surely not reduced in the “richness” of its “diversity” of gods and moralities by 2009.

In consideration of the President’s (then, Clinton), uh, problem, we make an argument for castration for the sake of the Union and the prevent future adulteries (p. 9).

We contend for revisitation of the Tenth Amendment and the principles of local sovereignty, self-government of municipalities, calling to mind the life of Judge Jonathan Winthrop in 1630 (pp. 8, 9).

American Medical Association writes a letter to Neal Horsley, demanding that he remove a link from his web site to their website.  Yeah! Horsley was blasting them for their support of abortion and they thought it ought not be allowed that he refer people to their site where such support for abortion was in evidence (p. 9).

Jonathan O’Toole‘s poem, “Wisdom’s Cry,” derived from Proverbs 31:8 (p. 9).

Move on!  The issue of hour is no longer “race.” That wrong has been righted and re-righted to the bizarre extent of “affirmative action.” Get with the most glaring current problem: child-slaughter (pp. 9, 10).

Unrepentant lesbian-abortionist Elizabeth Karlin dies leaving lover, Anne Topham, behind (p. 10).

We note the short-sighted proclamation by Lutherans for Life of “repulsion” in response to Bray in the 60 Minutes special (p. 10).

A series of fictional stories about James R. Moore and his efforts to dismantle as many abortion mills (and, if necessary, abortionists) as possible was published by Uncle Ed in Prayer and Action (p. 10).  Four episodes are accessible here: http://www.saltshaker.us/Fiction/rescue1.htm

In “Capitol Area Reports” . . .

Trouser Brigade strikes the Capitol.  “President Clinton’s pants” are found in various public places (p. 7).


1. Jennifer Sperling on her way to jail. Don Spitz, Henry Felisone, Dave Henderson, and another fellow stand by (p. 3).

2. Michael Bray and John Brockhoeft celebrating “the light” (p. 5).

3. Paul Hill on the cover of Dobson’s Citizen magazine (p. 6).

4. A well-damaged abortuary somewhere in America (p. 12).

CACN Spr 1999


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