Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Running with Rudolph (CACN Wint 1998)

In this issue (no.  28) we cheer one whom the world is shunning, Eric Rudolph.  We must carefully chart our way through muddy ethical waters.  He is charged with two types of deeds: 1) abortuary demolition in Burmingham and 2) attacks upon A) a sodomite bar, and B) Olympic Park.  Can a stream produce both salty and pure water? (See pp. 1-3).

In “Radical Fringe” news, we comment upon the termination of Abortionist Barnett Slepian and evaluate the comments of contemnors (Bob Behn of Buffalo and Pastor Ed Spencer of Maine, in particular, who have decried the good deed (pp. 3-5).

We affirm that polls indicate that millions believe that the terminating of an unwanted abortionist (active murderer) is justified (pp. 5, 6).

Guttmacher Institute reports a shortage of abortionists due to “the continuing violence against providers [sic, indeed]” (p. 7)

In “Notes” we report on the apostasy of the American Medical Association.  In an effort to display solidarity with those whom their profession historically shunned, as per the Hypocratic Oath, the AMA has  determined to embrace the formerly-designated “murderers” now as “colleagues.”  Like their fellow travelers a generation before whose deeds were exposed at Nuremberg, the AMA has likewise degraded itself (pp. 5, 6).

Phone records for CACN were handed over to the Planned Parenthood, the plaintiff in the lawsuit PP v. ACLA. (1994), by the phone company.  We were notified after the fact.   Conspiracy hunters needed all the information they can get to make the charges stick (p. 6).

Fourth Annual White Rose Banquet is announced.  John Brockhoeft and Joshua Graff are the expected quests of honor.  Marjorie Reed would be prohibited by probation authorities (p. 8).

CACN Wint 1998

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