Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“William the Apostate” (CACN, March 1993)

Poseur Bill Clinton, the pagan in Southern Baptist choir robes, is the subject of this lead article.  His station in history calls to mind the renegade nephew of Constantine, Julian the Apostate (p. 1).

Michael Colvin writes about the abuse of a church which was renting space from a public school in Fairfax County, Virginia (p. 3).

In “Area Reports” . . .

Judge Oberdorfer‘s oppression of Christians is noted for the record (p. 2).  He died 20 years later on his 94th birthday in February, 2013.  The native of Birmingham wanted to change the racially unjust practices that he had “known, observed, and tolerated.” And ignored mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine offenders.  But his sense of justice did not include womb children and he was willing to tolerate their murders as he had tolerated abuse of black folks in Birmingham.

Blockades of two abortuaries in the D.C. area yielded 308 arrests.

Norfolk jury damns itself by following the “law” decreed by tyrant justices (Roe) rather than judging the “law” and upholding the Law of God.  Accordingly, they send Denise Norton,a mother of six, who is nursing her youngest, to jail for a month for blocking the doors of a house of murder (pp. 2,4).

Cathy Hudson, faithful “clinic escort” is converted from her pro-abort ways by the work of God and Jeff White (p. 4)

Laws and prosecutions regarding the death of wanted “fetuses” continues to entertain those who enjoy irony.  See “Feticide and Murder in DC” (p. 4)

John Marcus files a report of his work outside a D.C. abortuary along with Joe Kosloski (pp. 4, 7).

Report on Dave CraneKurt Curtis and Don Spitz at abortuary in Richmond (pp. 7, 8).

In “Notes” . . .

What is worse? Elwood the polygamist or adulterers, sodomites, and baby killers? (p. 8)

A solution for the sodomites in the military.   Let them in; put them in the front line, and pull back.

Dennis Malvasi is released after five years in jail for burning down an abortuary in New York (p. 9).

“Bombers and Blockaders” and “Rescuers” – getting terminology straight (p. 9).

Washington Post writer, Michael Weisskopf, calls followers of Pat Robertson, “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command” (p. 9).  We say, “O to be an educated liberal, guiding the benighted into the paths of enlightenment” (p. 9)

D.C. City Council is one of the few in America to actually vote to decriminalize sodomy.  Usually such immorality comes exclusively from the courts (p. 9).

Operation Rescue and Pacifism.  You cannot condemn the use of force to save the innocent without denigrating those innocents.  Pat Mahoney is properly rebuked for such public pronouncements against those who have used force to defend the defenseless (p. 10).

Joseph Grace is praised as he moves close to his eleventh year in prison for his good deed: the damaging of the Hillcrest abortuary in Norfolk (p. 10).  He remembered his words to a reporter following his trial:

Abortion is wrong enough to warrant the extreme action I took.  I think the womb is so unique and sacred that it should not be turned into a place of death . . . I felt that if the law were right in the first place, abortion would not be legal and there wouldn’t be an abortion clinic there and I wouldn’t have burned it (p. 6).

David Crane provides some Virginia abortion statistics, noting the corresponding drop in abortions when Christians make a public protest against them (pp. 10, 11).

Why no excommunication of Bill Clinton by the SBC, if not his local Baptist church? (p. 11).

Sex selection abortion.  Folks prefer to abort the girls.

In “Radical Fringe” news . . .

Immoral abortionist in Venice, Florida.  (Yes, a redundancy.) Ali Azima was pressing on with his practice of harming his abortion-seeking patients.  Florida authorities seemed to be unmoved by the fact that his license was suspended in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Florida eight years prior.  Then, the “facility” was damaged by the grace of God . . . (p. 5).

Corpus Christi abortuary suffers a cool million in damages (p. 5).

Two of Portland Oregon abortuaries visited by “angels.”  Super-Glue and toothpicks were jammed into all entryway lock pieces of one death camp. At another location, a door, walls, and  carpet were suffused with a foul-smelling substance (butyric acid, we may presume). (p. 5).

Greg Adkins, while in jail in Nebraska, drew a gruesome picture of a dismembered person on a cross with quotations from Matt. 25:40 and Ex. 21:22.  Adkins was converted while at the Douglas County Correctional Center under the tutelage of Larry Donlan and others jailed for blocking access to an abortuary (p. 5).

A short story on Dennis Malvasi (jailed five years for burning an abortuary in New York) includes an account of his obedience to Cardinal O’Connor who called for his surrender over an evening NBC news program (p. 6)

Marjorie Reed is sentenced to 27 months on top of her 10 years by Judge Nicholas Walinski who declares that her burning of an abortuary was morally right but legally wrong (pp. 6, 7). We did not know at the time of publication in March of 1993, but the judge had died on Christmas Eve, three months after pronouncing judgment upon Marjorie.

Go Judge Margarito Garza! The District Judge of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ), Texas criticized women in court for living with men to whom they are not married.  (Oh. . . Horrors!).  See page 7!  The judge produced the character, “Relampago” in his comic book series, considered to be the first ever Hispanic superhero.


1. Tom Sheahen, famous for reading Horton Hears a Who to children outside abortuaries reveals his left eye bruised by a pro-abort employee outside Hilcrest (p. 2).  He can be seen 18 years later in an AP photo carrying his usual Horton sign at the annual March for Life (2011 A.D.) in D.C.(http://www.chron.com/life/houston-belief/slideshow/March-for-Life-17113/photo-1211194.php).

2. Fr. Charles Antekeier being arrested at D.C. abortuary (p. 3).

3. Connie Morella, reprobate Republican from Maryland, wants “clinic” blockades to carry fed time (p. 4).

4. Abortuary rubble after destruction in Sacramento.  Deathscorts stand idly outside.  No Christians to harass (p. 6)

5. Deathscorts (2) pictured waving to camera.  Their job in those days was to accompany women into the death camp where they could have their child killed with a sense of support from somebody – even such clowns as these (p. 7).

6. Dave Crane, director of OR Virginia, being dragged away by police (p. 8).





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