Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Talking to the Dead

Yeah, it was wise of the Lord to forbid folks from talking to the dead.
Think of the many failures of communication among the living!
Think of the many people we overlook and fail to greet and encourage.
The Lord has wisely forbidden us from conversing with the dead
And charged us to speak with the living, those kinsmen and friends!
Yes, we miss our loved ones, dear friends, and the heroes of our time,
And we would love to be with them and share bread and wine.
But a time is reserved in the future to meet them once again,
And there we will join with the multitude delivered from death
And granted eternal life in the Son;  yes, there will be much to say.
But we must restrain ourselves in obedience until that triumphant day.

1712 on 8 May, 2023

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