Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Dealin’ With the Facts!

Hmmm.  Jesus rose from the dead.
Hmmm.  What DOES this MEAN?
Why did He rise?  Why did He die?
Hmm. What’s is all about, Alfie?
Well, best to get some answers
From somebody who is in the know;
And who might that be?  Any so-and-so?
Nah. . .  Got to go with the prophets:
The cats that got the Word from God!
They can tell you what it’s all about!
And you can give up a big shout
When you hear that its about your soul
And keeping it out of the hands of the ghoul
Who would take you down to the eternal pit!
A place of eternal screaming and smelling like . . . it.

Noon on 31 May 2023

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