Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Easy Name of Bray

Both my sisters took on the affliction
Of tri-syllabic last names!
Surely they have suffered great pain;
T’was simple to indite that name, “Bray”!
Four simple letters!  An easy way
To sign those papers or a check.
But now, Oh! What the heck!
B-R-U-N-S-T-E-T-T-E R !
O, sisters, you got yourself in a mess!
Sorry you had to leave the easy way
And give up that simple name, “Bray.”
But, then again, at the end of the day,
To have some kids, it’s the only way,
And those kids are not too bad;
Bringing pride to any scrutinizing dad.
Mono- y mono- don’t ya know!
It’s the easy way to go.
Bray and Green are singular;
Maybe won’t give you a tingle,
But keeps you from twisin’ that tongue.
(Songs of praise will be sung!)
For the easy checks you will sing,
Providing more time to opine
And tend to matters of affection
Giving your life some direction.

1115 and 1204 on 18 July,2022

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