Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Bye Rush. Wish It Were Biden!

Bon voyage to you Rush
And don’t you know
We’re sorry to see you go!
You know we loved that view
That you brought to the front;
You always kept us in the know.
Said, we’re sorry you had to go,
But you kept us from that throe
That the heathen give us every day,
Stomping and running from the Way,
Hidin’ from the truth and the life,
Pushing for division and strife
Breaking up a nation under God
Bringing it idols and fraud.
Now we got that heretic Biden,
From the Lord and Truth he’s a hidin’!
Oh but we sure ain’t a sidin’
With that phony Roman Catholic.
Ain’t nothin’ but fake, a heretic
(Why ain’t the Church kicked him out?)
Tryin’ to win the wrong friends
And fool stupid people!
Said, Why ain’t they kicked him out?
Give the angels somethin’ to shout!

1345 on 17 Feb., 2021

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