Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


A Good Roman Catholic.

Now, uh, school me, please.   Why hasn’t he been excommunicated?  I am wondering what the meaning of “holy” is when we speak of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Does “holiness” mean that “living a righteous life”? 

And if that is the case, may we say that Biden is not, by virtue of his advocacy for the freedom to “murder children in the womb,” an authentic member of the church? 

And if he not an authentic member, then the church is corrupt. 

Or he is properly not a “Good Roman Catholic,” unless we mean to re-define “good” or “Roman Catholic.” 

You get my point.  Biden is neither “good” nor “Roman Catholic.”

Therefore, why has he not been excommunicated?

Which is false? Biden or the Church?

18 Feb., 2021

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