Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Judges (Finished)

To read the book of Judges
Is to read about chaos,
Everyone doing his own thing.
What seems good or right,
You do day or night.
With all your might,
You walk by sight.
Might like peace or prefer a fight;
‘Tis all good.  Do what you would!
Don’t matter what you like:
Ride a bike, take a hike.
Whatever you want, you do.
Don’t matter whom to!
‘Tis all about you
And makin’ your way through,
Tryin’ to get it all done
While you’re on the run
Havin’ all that fun
‘Less someone puts a gun
To your miserable head
And leaves you dead!

1050 on 22 Feb., 2021

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