Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Higher Education in Wilmington

3 May, 2010

College mission statements, like ancient laws, national codes and constitutions, sometimes fall into desuetude – out of fashion, out of favor, ignored.   If such statements or decrees are alleged to reflect Divine law, then the people – now indifferent –  have gone astray.  If there is no Law (as Modernists would have it) to which “higher education” they appeals, an inquiry into the people’s general morality cannot be known by the historian/observer because there is no Standard to violate.  There is no Right and no Wrong.  Everyone is cool.

WilmingtonCollege publishes a mission statement which declares:

The purpose of Wilmington College is to educate, inspire, and prepare each student for a life of success and service . . . shaped by traditions of . . . distinctive values of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) . . .  to seek truth and social justice.

But what can that mean if there is no Truth?

In keeping with this mission, the College seeks “to foster a commitment to the highest standards.”   Among the “core values” is “integrity” by which teachers intend to teach their students “to be fair, honest, and ethical.”  The college desires that its students “value the dignity and worth of all persons.”

Sadly, in keeping with the popular trend of the “progressive” minds of the last twentieth century which dominates contemporary (and “liberal”) liberal arts institutions, “all persons” includes capital offenders and enemy combatants but excludes the most helpless and innocent of all – children in the womb.  Thus it is No to war; No to capital punishment; and Yes to aborting unwanted fetuses. (But we will speak no more on that well-aired subject.)

One need only look at the debased education young minds are getting in social work and criminal justice classes at Wilmington College to catch a glimpse of such Lawlessness (and Truthlessness).  There one can take courses in which professors apply their liberated (and foul) speech to unabashedly declare their disdain for the fact that 1) America was established by Christians;  2)  colonists transplanted the Christian culture of Europe to this land; 3) the purpose of the federal Constitution vis-à-vis religion was to allow the states to establish their own forms of religion (presumably of the Christian variety)  by their own constitutions and codes without interference from the “general” or “federal” government.

A student who majors in social work at Wilmington can read Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, with aforeword by Gloria Steinem, which praises lesbianism and all manner of extra-marital sexual activity.  Social work professor Tim Hawk will declare himself a “socialist,” (not to be confused with social worker), denounce the current “Tea Party” movement,  praise Che Guevara, and distribute without comment pamphlets to the class (“Our Godless Constitution”) the day after a student mentions that fact that most of the Founding Fathers were not deists (but orthodox Christians, in fact).

Dr. Joyce Dozier, assistant professor of criminal justice, is famous for dropping the “F word” along with the standard “G-Damn.”  Admittedly these expressions are used casually if not flippantly and adjectivally rather than as earnest imprecations of the Divine disfavor upon some person or thing.   But they do little to exalt the higher education institution or the surrounding community when they fly from the mouth of the august and learned instructor.  Are the students expected to surpass these examples in ethics and citizenship?  Rather that students had for instructors examples of elegance rather than decadence.

The conclusion of the matter?  Reform education.  Teach ethics in WilmingtonCollege:  Biblical and Christian.  Teach the Truth; your mission says you believe there is such a thing.  (Do it in the high schools, too, so students won’t be too far behind they enter the world of college campus.)  Discourage fornication (both hetero- and homo-); exalt self-discipline and sexual purity, so students won’t be, in character, so unprepared for marriage.


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