Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A letter on behalf of Wesley Kaster #190961

Honorable Mike Kehoe
Office of Lieutenant Governor
State Capitol Building – Room 224
Jefferson City, MO 65101

3 January, 2019

I am the father of 11 children, the grandfather of thirteen and counting, the husband of one wife, a convict (1980s) regarding anti-abortion action which, of course, saves the lives of innocents.

I am writing you about one of your prisoners, one Wesley Kaster (#190961),  and complaining about a policy of the Cole County Jail which prohibits my mailing a simple envelope with a letter inside. The policy, as described on my returned envelope in hand written instruction, is simply “RTS Postcards Only No Stamps.” 

It is burdensome enough to simply write a letter to a prisoner with all the other duties one has.  Why must such a simple effort to communicate with and encourage a prisoner be obstructed by such a policy?  And why not permit the enclosure of additional reading materials – articles, essays, news-clippings for the reading pleasure of those locked away? 

A prisoner’s time in jail and separation is sufficient punishment.  Impediments to the benefit of communication with friends and relatives seem to be an unnecessary restriction.

I hope you will revisit this policy and permit simple communication and the sharing of “outside news.”

Respectfully yours,

Michael Bray

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