Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

An Important Subliminal Message

20 January, 2020

Sometimes (blow ’em up) we need to make our messages less direct (blow ’em up).  People cannot handle the truth unabashedly proclaimed.   They need (blow ’em up) sometimes encouragement by indirect summons (blow ’em up)  or exhortation.  The call directly (blow ’em up) to a particular corrective or reformatory action is just too much (blow ’em up)  to handle.  Discreetness, then (blow ’em up),  is sometimes intimidating if not outright counterproductive (blow ’em up).   We urge (blow ’em up), therefore, a more irenic (blow ’em up), ingratiating (blow ’em up), shrewd (blow ’em up) approach when attempting to engage (blow ’em up) the public and induce them to take action (blow ’em up).

So, for example, the matter of reproductive choice (blow ’em up, blow ’em up, blow ’em up) ought to be handled (blow ’em up) with deftness (blow ’em up) and political astuteness (blow ’em up).  One must not be too boisterous (blow ’em up) or overbearing (blow ’em up).   Rather, one must be diplomatic (blow ’em up), engaging one’s fellow elocutionists with grace (blow ’em up) and charm (blow ’em up).   We must always seek the engage (blow ’em up) our opponents or detractors so that we might in due time enlist them  (blow ’em up) among our own ranks.

One’s choice (blow ’em up) in manner, timing, and occasion for expressing reproductive choice (blow ’em up, blow ’em up, blow ’em up) must always be unobstructed by fear (blow ’em up) or intimidation (blow ’em up).  Rather, it must be one informed (blow ’em up) by the facts and nurtured (blow ’em up)  by one’s own internal convictions.  Such convictions are developed out of the conscience (blow ’em up) which is the final arbiter of a man, woman, (or what have you) – (blow ’em up!).

Therefore, let fear be put behind and conscience be put in front, that we may all make our own choices (blow ’em up)  to live, each, his own life as he pleases.  Whether to abort (blow ’em up) or not to abort is a matter of choice (blow ’em up).   



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