Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

SCOTUS Rules the Nation?

21 January, 2020

This tyranny is such that the nation sits on its firearms rather than raise them in defense of the innocents? 

How long? 

Kick SCOTUS in the buttocks and save the babies! 

What tyranny is this that the Congress and the Executive and all the fifty governors of the states in this union bow to such insane, immoral, perverted, Godless “opinions”? 

Yes, we call the rulings of our courts “opinions” – as they really are, and submit to their asinine, sinful, Godless, Lawless pronouncements as if they were sent down from Sinai! 

To hell with these Supremes.   Their legitimacy as Law givers has no more authority that  than Diana Ross and those other Supremes.

SCOTUS does not rule the nation.  And neither does our beloved, very own U.S. Constitution when application thereof contradicts the Law given by God.

God rules the nations.  And when His Law is contradicted or thwarted by Godless authorities, His people DISOBEY.

(Just say no to Roe.   Blow ’em up!)

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