Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Thane Maynard and the “Natural World” Fable

20 Jan., 2020

He is the well-known Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and an author and the host of  “The 90-Second Naturalist.”  Maynard presumes the origin and otherwise obvious design of the world to be “natural” rather than divinely orchestrated.  Such a presumption – that the world is Godlessly “natural” – is the beginning of folly and so goes his program.   To look at this world and conclude that it was not designed is to forsake truth and  honesty and therefore intellectual integrity.  The truth, that the world was made and not self-contained and eternal is a simply one which goes to the heart of integrity and honesty in pursuit of the question of the origin of all things. 

“Natural” we may presume to be a word which conveys the self-existent, eternality of matter – rather than the eternality of a Spirit (a.k.a. God) which originated it – matter.  And why does this all “matter” anyway? 

Well, it is this. If we reject the Creator of matter and exalt matter into His place, we end up worshiping and serving Matter rather than the God who made matter.  We worship and serve the creation as God, rather that the Creator – who made all things, including matter.

Yes, “all things” includes spirits – angels and (now) devils which deceive people into believing that Matter is God rather than trusting and believing in that God who made matter.   My but the difference does matter!  Either you are worshiping the Creator of matter or you are worshiping Matter. 

What will it be, Thane?  Will it continue to be Lord Matter?

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