Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Faith in Action” Folly

23 January, 2020

I get a newsletter in the mail occasionally, titled Faith in Action, edited by one Ralph Reed.   The publication is devoted to advancing morality in government for which I commend it.  But it subverts this goal but undermining itself with non-sense support for the contemporary state of Israel.  Millenarian fantasies – doctrinal heterodoxy – is the foundation for this political foolishness.  The sacrifice of one American life for the sake of some fanciful (theologically heterodox) commitment to the contemporary anti-Christ state of Israel is misguided and immoral.

A nation’s soldiers ought first to be expended for the defense of that nation, not for other nations.   

A second cause for war may well be the defense of allies in cases when allies are mistreated.  The case for Israel’s ally status is a shaky one.  It is founded upon a millenarian (a theological fantasy) construct in which contemporary Israel is featured as the darling covenant people of God which must be revered and protected by anyone or any nation seeking divine favor.  (The Church is the “Israel of God” as Paul and the New Testament writers clarify!) For what other reason ought contemporary “Israel” be regarded an ally?  How is such a bond beneficial to the United States?

If there are other reasons for support for Israel such as trade and alliances against other nations hostile to the United States, let them have their rightful place for consideration.  But it is folly to invoke millenarian, doctrinal foolishness as a foundation for such alliances and military action.

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