Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Future Contemplated

6 March, 2020

In a perfect world God’s creatures would be able to focus their praise upon the One who made them gloriously in His image.   But in a fallen world, His followers are necessarily engaged in and distracted by a two-fold polemic: 1) a continual militantly focused service of the One True God, and 2) a defense against His detractors bolstered by a denunciation of the various false gods which the demons incessantly advance against the Holy One.

Providentially, this arrangement makes for dynamic interplay highlighting what is right by contrasting it with what is wrong.  The progression of this phenomenon brings clarity to truth and justice as time marches on.  Let every path be explored and found wanting.  And may God’s people, by faith, stick to the path and leave the experimental social and political exploration to the hapless and to fools.

A time will come – a population crisis – when abortion will be anathematized.  Anti-aborts of the past will be international heroes, revered as the abolitionists are now in our post-civil-rights times.

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