Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Real Godly Revolution

The nation cannot abide baby-butchery any more than it could survive manstealing.  (Slavery, even manstealing, is de facto less heinous than the murder of a child! Duh!)  The citizenry ought not to expect grace to last for decades, much less a half century! (How long O Lord will you hold back judgment and deliverance from this damnable bloodshed?  How is it that pro-abortion Joe Biden can  call for unity as a “nation under God”?) 

O please!  Let us not profane His name!  Would that we did right ourselves under Him and repent from this foul and treacherous national sin.

Time is long past for drastic action.  Revolution by the “Woke” folk is a farce.  But, indeed, it is the path to further the Lawless to which the pagan Left has already directed us.  It is more of the same – lawlessness in the streets in concert with the Lawlessness that allows sodomy and the slaughter of innocents.

Those on the “Right” must firm up their foundation, apply THE Law of God and reconstruct society, even state by state, upon the foundation of Truth and Justice which is found only in His Law.

10 Nov., 2020

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