Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Shakin’ the Hearts of the Heathen

(Isaiah 7)

I’m on the path of the Alzheimerian
Ridin’ down the road to oblivion,
But I know the hearts of the heathen
Will shake like the trees of the forest
When they blow in the wind (2)
While I am at rest in the arms of the Winner
Who won the race for every sinner.
Got confidence while lookin’ at the fog;
He who died for us is strong!
It’s not our own strength nor ken
That brings us back to life again!
‘Twas His wits and His death
That saves us, makes us clean
And sets our eyes on that surreal scene,
Honing our skills and proficientness
Above that lowly rocket science!
We’re tuned up for the heavenly trip;
Our life’s troubles and worries to skip!

26 Sept 2022

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