Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Bit “Pentecostal” or Something

The popular song (or, at least, an oft-played one) has the lyrics as follows: “Did He move every mountain?  Did He part every sea?  Yes He did, so yes He can.”

I like the trust that the words convey in the power of our God.  He is almighty and can do anything He wishes to do.  But His will is not to “move every mountain” and “part every sea.”  He does not deliver us from trials and tribulations.  He takes us through them and refines us for His glory and our sanctification. 

We humans – disgusting rebels that we are – need sanctification.  And He, as our holy Sanctifier, will bring it about.  He will make us holy and He uses trails and tribulation to bring it about. The work will not be completed until we die and are raised incorruptible, but He will shape us transform us in that direction all of our days.

While walking this earth we climb rugged mountains and swim stormy seas and He is with us.  And, wicked as we are, the transformation is sometimes hard to endure.

29 Sept., 2022

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