Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Bray Credo

The following 65-word creed contains the names of all the children of Mike and Jayne Bray.  They are represented in the text in order.  Some appear candidly; others in metaphor. 

The Lord is my God.                                                  Elli
I have peace with Him through the One               Jonas
Who revealed Him to all men.                                 Epiphany
He rescued us from death                                        Beseda
By His steadfast obedience to the truth.                Perseverance and Alethea
He died in our place                                                  Isaac
Suffering what we deserved,                                   Mercy
And was resurrected for our justification.             Anastasia
Now we are conquerors                                            Nicea
Who by our communion with Him                          Gethsemane
And as living stones                                                   Petra
Compose His Body, the Church.

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