Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

What is Truth?

“What is Truth?” queried Pilate when the prosecution of Jesus was before him.  And so it is that the question has persisted down through the ages and continues today. Then the particular question was whether the Nazarene could be rightly identified as the one and only and long anticipated “messiah.”

What is Truth and how can we be certain that what we think to be the Truth is actually it?  It is, then, both a question of facts and one of epistemology.  To clarify latter, we might ask “How can know when we have discovered what we think we know it – the truth – to be?”  

The Jews were assured through reliable prophets and their writings that a messiah would come and bring them the solution for that vast and ubiquitous human problem summed up by the Biblical term and doctrine, “sin.”  This messiah would accomplish this profound feat by extraordinary means.   Indeed, the eternal Son would come down into the form of the very original man, Adam.  He would be just like him as he was before he was corrupted by his disobedience – sin.

Truth is not just the facts as they exist: rocks, animals, plants, air, water, and spirits.  Truth is the true understanding of the proper and moral relationship of each of us to one another and to the Creator.

For a knowledge of that, we need revelation from God.  And that revelation was given us through God’s prophets in what we call, the “Scriptures.” Those Scriptures foretold His coming, explain who He was, and convey His message.

Read them.  Know them.  Teach them to your children.  And be strengthened by the truth therein and in the company of His people, the church.

19 Oct., 2020

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