Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On “Infanticide” Etc.

Infanticide, like homicide, is still the taking of human life.   Whether the infant is newly conceived, about the be born or recently born, the intentional taking of its life is still – murder.  No fancy verbiage or deceit by euphemism changes the fact.

The stubborn human heart – which resists the plain truth – is well described in the Scriptures.  And it has been ever so even as Jeremiah put it as follows when disgusted with Israel:

“The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” said he (verse 9 of chapter 17).   

Only God!  How depraved is the human race: full of blasphemy, holocausts, wars, slavery (man-stealing), murders, thefts, treachery, lying, and adultery.

Jeremiah had it rough, dealing with apostates.  Like liberals among both Jews and Christians of our time, they had abandoned God’s Law and made up their own rules for living.   They may as well have identified as pagans.  Jeremiah had to put up with some stubborn, renegade degenerates.

History does, indeed, repeat itself.  Sin persists in those who display their rebellion against God by their disdain for His Law which says that those little ones – in the womb, even – bear the imago Dei.  They are created in His very image!  And on the basis of their image bearing status, it is forbidden that their (human) life be taken without just cause. Such is a capital crime.

There is no such capital crime committed by those in the womb; they are not worthy of the death by mankind.  Rather, the capital crime of murder is committed by every abortionist and every parent and everyone who assists in the abortion of a child.

This is the hard truth that must be faced by all who ponder the “abortion issue” or – to be diffusive – the “reproductive health concern” (or some such horse shit).

Way past time, it is, to wake up and shut up the mouths of those who continue to babble on about the justification of murder by “a woman’s right to choose.” 

Nothing but deceitful, blasphemous lies.

30 Oct., 2020

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