Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Simply summarized, it is inspired by family breakdown;  which is the product of that cool, progressive, Godless movement which propagated sex outside of marriage.  Indeed, the de-sacralization of marriage – the holy institution where sex is exclusively, as a holy association, to be had – is the true “root cause” of the contemporary break down in family and social order.

The “sexual liberation movement” of the 60s (or 50s or 20s depending upon your mode of scrutiny) flipped off the bonds of marriage, denying that it was a holy institution, ordained by God.  Rules of commitment, loyalty, and love which inhere in holy marriage are absent from secular “relationships.”  Godless “commitments” don’t withstand the tests of human frailty and sin. 

Live with the fruit of Godless direction that “progressives” advocate!  Or, repent, revere the Law of the One who made the world – and mankind in His very image – and enjoy the life that He guides by His law. 

27 Oct., 2020

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