Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

He Loves You, Yeah, Yeah. . .!

Yeah, He loves us Folks white as a sheet Others black as the night Not about the color All about the chasin’ And He ain’t losin’ Anyone whom he calls. Gird up those balls He’s breakin’ down walls Got people to reach Souls to teach Yeah, things to do. Gonna pull one over on you […]


“Bah!  Humbug!”  Indeed, “Humbug!” would be a legitimate denunciation when addressing that sociological dogma which demands inclusion of deviants, perverts, and murderers into the company of good citizenry!  Inspiration for such a denunciation comes from Moses as recorded in Deuteronomy 7:1-4.  When God cleared the land of the heathen in order that Israel might seize […]


O the consternation Off one sitting in contemplation:The things left undoneWhile on the runChasing duties ’til the sunFalls down below the horizonAnd then, even beyondThose duties thwarted by cutiesComes the reminderThat all will be talliedWhen sinners are ralliedBefore the One who cameBearing all the shameOf the those He madeFallen into the shadeOf rebellion and prideAnd […]

Moments in Time

We worship moments in time Memories, places, pictures sublime. Yet it is we, who were created. The Maker is our worship owed Throughout our days in this abode. The lust for things of earth Spinning before us since birth Has no place of import, Driving us to abort, Weed to smoke and coke to snort. […]

Grace Trumps Choice

Thanks Be to God! He “hardens hearts” – that are already bent against Him (as are all “natural” hearts since the fall in Adam).  He did not pervert that which was already perverted by Adam’s rebellion!   And neither did He make hard that which was “soft” – and receptive and obedient and holy and righteous!  […]


Huh! “Woke”? The “Hip!” of the 60s Up to date, morally tuned, “Enlightened” “Progressive” “On top of it” “Cool” A fresh expression To refer to the alleged prophetic, Wise, insightful person (Well,  those who follow His Word Are “Woke”! No joke.) We are “woke” to His Word And by His Word we – The people […]

Hope in Moses

Whether you lost a child by “natural” miscarriage or whether you mistreated your child in desperation or selfishness and committed an “abortion,” there is hope for you found in the words of God recorded by Moses. In the book which has come down to us as “Deuteronomy” there is hope in the “life to come” […]

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