Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

It Was Only a Dream

He cut off the baby’s head (and)
Nobody gives him any dread!
Yeah, he gets away with murder!
What could be more “absurder”?
Somebody gotta  cut his throat,
Wrap him up in his own coat,
Thrown him down in some ditch,
Steadfast and without a hitch.

These murderers got no fear;
Shed that blood from year to year
Don’t know how long it’ll last
Before it’s finally part of our past
(You’d think the people’d be aghast!)
But they keep on driftin’ along
At ease with the bong and the song.
Got to give this thing some address;
Get the nation out of this mess!

Forget about shoutin’ louder;
It’s all about that blastin’ powder!
Put it all around those “clinics.”
Enlighten those baby-killin’ cynics;
Bring on the guns and the fire
And a mother’s heart’s desire.
Ah, it was only a dream,
But how real it surely did seem.

0830 on 27 June., 2021; finished later at 2130

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