Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Keepin’ It Simple

(29 June, 2021 – a.m.  To classic rap rhythm)
You gotta blow that clinic up

Verse 1:
When you’re feelin’ kinda blue
There’s one thing you can do.
Verse 2:
You want to have a better day?
Got a new way for you to play!
Verse 3:
Or when you find yourself a-weeping,
Get about some “recon” peeping!
Verse 4:
If you don’t know how to go,
Get someone to help you throw.
Verse 3:
Got some vision, got some dreams?
Put away everyone of those schemes.
Verse 4:
Blinded nations, witless, wander,
Groping for some “truth” to ponder.
Verse 5:
Rocks and sticks and hand grenades,
Sophisticated or home made.
Verse 6:
When you’re dead and gone from this world
You may have a revival unfurled!
Verse 7:
Say your prayers when you’re weary;
He is there for the tired and teary.

*For the poetically deprived: “Gotta” = “got to” or, for the linguistically deficient, “must.”

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