Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

More Shuttered Poetry

Like all sinful wretches
No goodness he fetches
Travelling that long, broad road.
Then comes a bump in the path
Diverting him from the wrath.
Awakened, he turns from his sinning.
Yes, but it’s only the beginning!
Got plenty of hoops to run through
And deeds he must do.
He was not saved to do nothing!
Roads to walk and people to stalk,
Places to go and clinics to blow;
Yeah, walking that road that is narrow.
And up comes that one
Who is called by the Son
To bring to the nation revival!
And away they all flew;
They had plenty to do,
People to save and “clinics” to burn,
Driving a nation to turn
From the path of destruction,
The evil of population reduction
Killing those bearing His image
And to their own souls bringing damage.

30 June, 2021 at 0625

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