Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

They Had Pets to Pet

The older brothers and sisters
Had pets to pet.
And when there were no pets,
They had Petra to pet.
But poor Petra had no pets
So what is a Petra to do not to fret?
Can’t just pine away and get upset!
Well, along came Heidi and Jesse
Had some dogs, not too messy.
Sophie and Josey are black
Grady is tan on her back.
We parents sometimes fall short,
Put out by dung or a snort,
And abstain from pets as a resort.
With no younger sisters to tend,
She’s left with no special friend!
Now it strikes as a tragedy
A misguided health strategy.
It may be on this one we failed;
By God’s grace we won’t be impaled.
Petra is a daughter good as gold
The highest hopes for her we hold.

1315 on 27 June, 2021
(Grady is black and tan; Sophie and Josey are black)

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