Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Busted Up That House of Baal

2 Chron 23:17-24:11

Busted up that house of Baal; (17)
Tore it down and broke it in pieces!
Killed a priest by the name of Mattan
Jehoiada must have been real strong!
Gave the house of the Lord to those Levites, (18)
So they could burn those sacrifices.
Oh, there was lots of singing and rejoicing! (18)
Put keepers of the gate at the house of the Lord; (19)
Took captains of hundreds, nobles, and rulers. (20)
Came right on up to the house of the king;
Put him on the throne in charge of everything!
They all rejoiced and the city was quiet; (21)
Athaliah served to quell any riot. (21)
Then Joah became king at the age of seven; (24:1)
His momma from Beersheba was Zabiah.
He took a couple wives and had some kids, (3)
Then decided to fix the Lord’s house. (4)
So he gathered up some priest and Levites; (5)
Said, “Get some money from all Israel!
We gonna fix up the House of the Lord!”
But those Levites did not act fast
Jehoiada and Joash made quite a team;
Taxed the people without makin’ ’em scream. (9,10)

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