Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Biden, Not Hilarious, But Hitlerian

How is Biden not like Hitler?

There are many ways.  Biden is not a monarch, as was Hitler.  Biden does wield the power legislate or to govern the courts.  It is his disdain for the Law of God that he and Hitler have in common. In that Law we are informed of the presence of the soul, the person, at conception.  It is the soul in which sin may or may not reside.  And that sin is present as early as conception, as the Psalmist emphatically declares:  “In sin did my mother CONCEIVE me.”

As a defier of God’s law, even as it is clarified by the Roman Catholic Church of which he remains (disgracefully) a member, Biden is, like Hitler, a rebel against Truth and Justice. He is a renegade, an apostate, a traitor.

If he can be tolerated by those who have no shame, must he be followed?  Honored? Respected?  Obeyed?

It is such leadership which inspires, rightfully, revolution.

Just can’t despise those Capitol rioters.

22 Nov., 2021

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